WATCH THIS: The Whole World Is Praying and Fighting Back Against You Satan! Praised Be The Name Of Jesus Christ The Lord!!! – 5/30/2021

The whole world is fighting back against the COVID19 vaccination.  A crime against Humanity.  We will not allow this to go on.  Our bodies, our

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Biden Violates CDC Guidelines IMPOSED UPON U.S. CITIZENS – BUT NOT for Illegals, not testing or vaccinating them – While America is still PARTIALLY CLOSED – 4/17/2021

REP Steve Scalise on Travel to Mexico and U.S. Citizens. Download Now Don’t Miss Ann Corcoran videos at the bottom of this post. Ms. Corcoran

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Kamala Harris Punished Undercover Investigator for Uncovering Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts – 10/7/2020

KAMALA HARRIS attacks an undercover journalist for his content to punish him for what he said:  Planned Parenthood is selling baby body parts.  Selling baby

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