NSA Spying on You Without A Warrant – Executive Order 12333, Section 2.3C

WILLIAM BINNEY, FORMER NSA OFFICIAL AND WHISTLEBLOWER,  worked for the NSA for 36 years AND stated:  They are bulk spying on U.S. citizens.  HE RETIRED WHEN SEING THE AGENCY USING THE TECHNOLOGY HE CREATED TO SPY ON all American citizens.  TELL ME, who do they think they are? They are supposed to serve us! Is it true the Fourth Reich truly exists in intelligence? If they are surveilling us, what is the reason? What about the Fourth Amendment, Search and Seizure??? The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects citizens and criminal suspect from unreasonable searches of their property and persons, and prohibits police officers from making unlawful arrests (“seizures”) (source:  Findlaw.com)

Advocacyforhumankind.com says:  Binney created ThinThread, a program that filters collected data to determine what’s important to look at so that the average person’s civil rights would not be abused.  But, the NSA opted to store the privacy sensitive data collected forever!

The conversation turned to a Swiss company, Crypto AG. A February, 2020 Washington Post article discusses Crypto AG, which provided encryption services to over 100 governments for decades, starting in 1970. Crypto AG was secretly owned by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the West German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Crypto AG employees had access to high level, internal government correspondence and therefore was aware of massacres, torture and crimes against humanity which occurred during that time.

View Washington Post article Here

Because of Crypto AG, the NSA, FBI and CIA have had global surveillance power since 1970. With the internet, surveillance access is now massive and agencies can pull any amount of data in order to target a person. Unfortunately the data is too often used in order to blackmail and destroy the lives of so called  “dissidents” who are many times actually civil and peaceful activists.

Further, Edward Snowden revealed that spy software and hardware has been implanted onto over 50,000 servers, networks and computers worldwide. And according to Binney, Congress doesn’t know what intelligence agencies are doing in the US.

Binney also spoke of Microwave Weapons believed to be used on the Cuban and China diplomats.

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