SGAnon: Huge Dec 1 – Q Plan (Video) | Alternative

The month of December could prove to be the most active and crazy of all for Intel, changes and legal maneuvers! Hear what SGAnon has

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Illegitimate Liar In-Chief Biden Threatens Constitutional 2nd Amendment Supporters “You Need an F-15 if you want to Fight the Government” – A full on Threat & a Lie all in One!

Biden, the 2nd Amendment is there to protect the American people from a Tyrannical government like yours.   Joe Biden Threatens Rightwing Americans and Says

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FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago is Biden’s Defining Moment -Democrat Stasi Venezuela-Like Needs To Answer Questions – 8/9/2022

This witch-hunt against the best President in US History continues. Biden, his DOJ/FBI are out of control and have become the Stasi.

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