Steve Bannon: MAGA’s Time To Be Heard Is Now – Nov 17, 2022

🆘Nancy Pelosi got fired🆘

The democrats will now be held accountable now for we have the House of Representatives.  I pray that it will not be a rerun of the past where trials happens, hearings and then nothing happens.  

Republicans we have a lot of hurdles before us like:



*the Senate

*the Debt Ceiling

*the Defense Authorization Act that is a Trillion $ budget and it has all the woke stuff in the military that is killing the military

*What’s coming in 2023 for all the HORRIBLE DEMOCRAT SPENDING they committed while we were silenced in the House and Senate

Bannon said: “We are in a better position of Power” and the best thing is Republicans are awake and Democrats and Independent’s eyes have been opened. 

Listen to this video and learn what is truly happening and what is coming our way. PRESIDENT TRUMP just announced his plans to run for his second term.  Lots of Great is happening but we also have to deal with the past Democrat spending for which we will have to suffer.  Their power grab.

They hate this movement because it gives us a a voice and nothing can stop us now.  We know who we are fighting and what is coming.  Bannon’s summation Rocks! “MAGA is alive and well and we will get our country back!”