Here’s How the FBI Raided MIKE LINDELL, America’s Hero – 9/29/2022

The FBI is going after anyone who supported Tina Peters. Tina Peters backed up her computer the night of the election.  In the back up she found out through forensic investigations that THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY was recorded and that Dominion voting machines were rigged.  The FBI proceeded to raid her home, arrest her, terrorize her at her home because she exposed the crime.  Mike Lindell invited her to speak at his symposium exposing the Big Steal.  This placed them both in the crosshairs of those who are trying to hide the fact that 2020 was stolen and that President Trump actually won.


So now, if you speak about their crimes, those who electronically stole the 2020 election send their boys to RAID YOUR HOME, ARREST YOU AND TERRORIZE YOU.  Oh and now DOMINION VOTING the company is suing anyone who says their name.  Below is a summary of what took place a few days ago, how the FBI terrorized MIKE LINDELL and VIOLATED HIS CIVIL rights for which he is now suing the US Government.  

-(Video/Notes): How We Got Here – The Moment of Truth Summit

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