Fr. Chris Alar explains Spiritual Warfare and how to win the battle against satan + the demons – 9/6/2022

I am not trying to indoctrinate any of my readers. But I am a believer in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  I have been in love with the Lord Jesus Christ since I am 7 years old and he holds my heart and saves my soul. Not perfect but Redeemed. The Catholic Church will survive the attacks from the enemy. Many priests are disgusted with what has gone on in the church and done on purpose to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.  Fr John Corapi used to say:  No Priests no Sacraments.  That is the work of satan and the illuminati luciferian communist pedophiles who infiltrated the church to destroy it from the inside out.  

FATHER CHRIS ALAR is a blessing to me, my family and to those who understand the words of GOD, His Holy BIBLE.  The Chaplet of Divine Mercy of which he mentions changed my life since since 2004 and Mercy has entered my soul. I highly recommend the prayer Here.  God bless you Dear Patriots. Amen