WHATEVER YOU DO, Don’t fall for a CIVIL WAR, BIDEN AND HIS REICH WILL BRING IN THE UN MILITARY. FOLLOW MIKE LINDELL AND TRUMP.  Pray.  Stay peaceful.  A civil war is not the answer. It is NOT a Democrat or Republican thing.  It is an invasion by the CCP Chinese communist party that is blackmailing our Congress.  Our country is infiltrated by our enemies.  The answer is to do it legally, in the courts and stay peaceful.  Peacefully we can regain our country.  Anything else will give our enemy a foothold into our Country.  They are experts at color revolutions.  STAND STRONG, STAND PEACEFUL, UNITE.  INFORM OTHERS AND SHARE THIS POST.  I DON’T make ANY MONEY. I am fully defunded.  I work 60 hours a WEEK informing people here on this blog and all over social media.  Legally, peacefully, Christ-like but Strong as Jesus told us to be.  There is no color, denomination, religion problem in America. We are diverse and we are enriched by it.  It is the deep state who hates our country.  Don’t allow it.  Follow Monday through Saturday from 10-12 and from 5-7 pm, with Steven K. Bannon who is moving earth and sky to teach us how to work in the system, peacefully but strongly by growing roots into the future.  I love you all.  Please write me back. Let me know I am doing a good job.  I don’t get to write a lot between getting over my broken ankle, my mother and father dying, my inlaws, friends passing away before their time.  I stand strong with GOD and my family.  God bless you.