FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago is Biden’s Defining Moment -Democrat Stasi Venezuela-Like Needs To Answer Questions – 8/9/2022

The Time has come when you have to make a decision as to what GOD you will serve.  The Triune GOD or satan, America or the Socialist Communist  Demo party who behave like the SS.


The FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago is the most defining moment of the Joe Biden presidency. It was a political performance against Trump.

The antidote has to be NOT ONE MORE damn penny for this administrative state that has been weaponized against our people in a very fascist way.

(Real America’s Voice, War Room with Steve Bannon, 08/09/2022)

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The democrats see the walls closing in. They see that POTUS Trump has a job approval in the 80s and Democrats are trying to create an air of CRIMINALITY around our President.  Democrats have weaponized their centralized power in DC and are out of control.  

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