From The Hague. International Trials Day One -Crimes Against Humanity

THOSE who forced human beings to take the #Covid19 vaccine, an MRNA created chemical concoction of poisons to the body will be held responsible for their #crimesagainsthumanity for murdering, damaging, destroying those who took the jab.  For forcing elderly to take the vaccine, young women who now can’t bear children and children who are now unable to live normally.  Time has come to call out those who planned this evil against humanity created to damage our DNA and create a change to our human gnome.  This is ALL AGAINST OUR WILL.  They don’t need nazi camps to kill us off, just lies multiplied by the Goebbels media and their willingness to misguide our citizens into taking a dangerous experimental drug by coercion. 

Don’t take the jab, it kills!