The Underground War With Gene Decode – Military Intel Retired – In GOD’s Service – 7/20/2022

Jesus Christ Invocation By Gene Decode to Protect Us
Gene Decode #Archive #2020 — The Underground War – Part 1 – Jan 9, 2020
GeneDecode #archive #2020 — The Underground War, Happening Now Part 2 – Jan 9, 2020



NO one is bombing us right now, but they are destroying the fabric of our society based on the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution and the Freedoms our predecessors fought to gain for us.  Don’t allow the ILLUMINATI LUCIFERIAN PEDO 13-FAMILIES to enslave you. Fight like a WARRIOR now! while you have the power and strength and Pray to GOD Almighty for vision, strength and passion. Those who used the camps in WWII are here to finish the job.  Don’t ALLOW THEM! #TruthHerald