Jan 6-DC Police killed 2Women: 1 shot-1 beaten to death by DC Police & Metro Police Brutality, People Crushed, Barriers Illegally Removed, Huge Doors Opened From Inside, people invited into the Capitol, FBI players infiltrated the Movement & Destroyed the Property – 6/9/2022

Nancy Pelosi is the Commander-in-Chief of the Capitol Hill Police in her position as Speaker of the House. The head of the Capitol Hill Police tendered his resignation the day following the event to his boss – Nancy Pelosi. At the point at which Pence began the proceeding of the debate to satisfy the double set of electors and determine which party would win those states, Nancy Pelosi was seen leaving the chamber. She was gone for about 10 minutes. When she returned the Capitol Hill doors magically opened. What likely happened? She went to her office and called the head of the Capitol Hill police and told him to open the doors. He refused, so she called someone else. To refuse an order like that he knew he had to resign so he did that the next day. This entire thing was Pelosi’s doing. It is about time people began looking at her seriously. From Rumble

WE HOLD PELOSI RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ATTACK ON U.S. CITIZENS – SHE denied Trump his request for 10,000 troops. #Jan6

THE DC POLICE BROKE THEIR OATH AND NANCY PELOSI needs to answer as to why she allowed this.  This is criminal.

Stewart Rhodes Warns President Trump from Prison: They’re Coming for You Next

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Warns President Trump from Prison: “This Is About Putting Trump in Prison – And It Won’t Stop There” (Audio Interview)

Stewart Rhodes is the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

For several years now The Oathkeepers have been a major target of the federal government in intelligence community.

Rhodes was jailed in January of this year by his government in their ongoing Jan. 6 political investigation and persecution.   He was jailed a full year after the January 6 protests in Washington DC  Rhodes was moved from his Plano, Texas holding cell to the Cimarron Prison and Correctional Facility in northeast Oklahoma earlier this month.  Cimarron is a medium-security facility in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Radical Obama-appointed Judge Amit Mehta ordered Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes jailed until his July trial in February. This is more government abuse. Rhodes did not enter the US Capitol. Did not direct anyone to go into the US Capitol and committed no criminal acts during or before the protests.

Judge Mehta is an Obama donor. Mehta holds a deep hatred for Trump and his supporters like so many other radical Democrat judges today in our country.

Stewart Rhodes is charged with plotting a “seditious conspiracy.” This is completely ridiculous and the court knows it.  The Oath Keepers traveled to Washington DC on January 5-6 to offer security to conservative speakers and events.

Earlier this week Stewart Rhodes called The Gateway Pundit’s founder Jim Hoft from the Cimmarron Prison facility in Oklahoma.

Stewart gave us an update on his situation and court case. He also warned President Trump that he is next.

Stewart Rhodes: Their gameplan from day one has been to get Trump. And now they’re walking up the ladder. They’re manufacturing evidence, getting people, forcing people to take plea agreements, as they did with Josh James, an Oathkeeper, forcing them to “test-a-lie”, to make up stuff that didn’t happen to go up the ladder to get Trump. That’s what they’re doing… Sidney Powell wrote a book called, “License to Lie” about how all of this is done… This is about putting Trump in prison. And it won’t stop there.

It was always about Trump.

Will the American people allow this lawlessness? You can be sure it will be the end of our republic and freedom as we have known it. Democrats are on a mission.

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