What’s Going On? Why are Police Hesitating to Save Our Children from A Criminal? Sounds Suspicious!

I have been gone for a while now. Too much has happened since I last wrote.  A death in my family that impacted my sense of self and the future.  I am moving on but in prayer.  I have been at this fight for decades. It has impacted me and my health a bit. But I ask that you keep me in your prayers. With GOD we can do anything.

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As you have seen, the deep state wants our guns/second amendment. They are desperate to make us slaves and to do as they want with us. SO they set up another shooting, killing innocents and blaming it on guns. I bet you a million dollars it was offered as a blood sacrifice to their evil god.  Luciferians play to remain in control and do these things as their offering.  But we know better, we know the CIA MK ultra plan to activate shooters in order to take away our second Amendment Rights away. We are the last bastion of freedom in this world and they want us controlled. This way Biden and his regime cohorts can complete the new world order plan to manage all countries under one umbrella.  Under their control.

Reporter: “Where was the resource officer? Why was he not on campus?”

Texas Official: “He was not on campus.”

“Why? Where was he?”

“We’ll have all those answers down the road.”