New York Governor Candidate: Andrew Giuliani Leads in Polling – Bannon War Room – 4/21/2022

REGARDING New York City:  Used to work there on 5th Avenue near Trump Towers and before that in the downtown business district for a bank and a shipping company in the Twin Towers, used to Rally, drive to, shop, took subways, took taxis, took the Path Trains to downtown and walked all the way up to 5th Avenue during the Christmas Season, used to go to see the Christmas show there, used to drive to the Bronx at 3:30 am to help out President Trump and be there by 5:00 am.  Until the Biden Regime is gone and the putrid southern district is cleaned out, we no longer feel safe being there, unless someone sends me a limo.  If New York is not cleaned out, no one will ever visit or remain living there. 

As to Rudy Giuliani, he is a decent, likable, honorable person, former Mayor of New York who took on the Mafia and won!  Here is his son Andrew and he is running for Governor of New York.  This young man is the hope of New York and if he is anything like his dad, Mr. Giuliani, he will clean house for GOOD!  God bless and protect the Giuliani’s!!!


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