5G – Hemorrhagic Fever – Covid19 LIES – 4/14/2022

#Patriots: 🆘🆘🆘PLEASE! Hear, See this video from Dr. Lee Vliet, M.D.. She exposes it all on Lindell TV. #TamaraScottShow

💥Reason deep state is talking about “HEMORRHAGIC FEVER” is to camouflage one of the many Symptoms of 5G RADIATION POISONING. Below ARE SOME OF SYMPTOMS OF 5G:
💥HAVANA SYNDROME (EMF) EXPOSURE, disorientation, loss of focus, hair loss, Lou blood pressure, insomnia, heart palpitations, pressure behind eyes+++++
💥Note: Don’t allow a 5G TOWER on your children’s school yard. Trees die NEAR them #radiationpoisoning
💥Here is Dr. Lee Vliet, M.D. Website. Look at it and please pray for her safety. Thank you. www.truthforhealth.org

They are lying about Covid, Hemorrhagic Fever to cover up EMF Radiation Poisoning