#Patriots – Current Information That Needs to Be Heard, Shared, Discussed – 2/22/2022

Patriots:  Gene Decode’s origin and information is explained at the beginning of this video.  I have been researching since 1993, since the bombing of the World Trade Center where many people were injured and many, like my brother-in-law Michael, a banker in New York.  He suffered years of brain stem cancer and many brain operations, seizures and sickness until he asked to be allowed to die. My Sister and her children were devastated and destroyed. My entire family was ravaged and a string of horrors evolved that we are still suffering to this day with sickness and mental illness and income issues. But the world goes on.

World Trade Center Bombing of 1993



Gene Decode goes through an entire grouping of information that needs to be heard and researched.  I have seen many speak and share information but many are in it for the money and fame.  Gene Decode serves GOD in his work and in his life. My personal sense of his words and research ring true for they are the same information I have uncovered. Not all of it, most of it, since some parts are military intel he only can access.  I hope you take notes and I hope you pray for guidance.  I have experienced the changes in our world not only from the deep state and their planned destruction, but I have also have felt the dimensional changes in my life.  God bless you and stand strong. There is nothing to be afraid of when your entire life is geared to serving GOD. He will get us through this.