Another Protecting Their Crime – 12/14/2021

Another shocker from D.C.  Not only did DC Mayor Bowser, Nancy Pelosi, DC Police not answer President Trump’s Request for more back up on January 6, 2021, the ones who were out there on the steps of the Capitol were seen standing down, even after Trumpers asked them to act while the FBI backed army destroyed the capitol. They now blame it on Trump and Trumpers. But America knows the truth.  This is another nail on the coffin of the Jan 6 Patriots.  Not only are their rights being violated, they are not receiving proper care, proper legal protection or the right to a speedy trial.  This entire CRIME SPREE BY THE BIDEN OBAMA MACHINE will blow up in their faces.  Disgraceful.

DC Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Proud Boys, Oathkeepers — Compares Jan. 6 to 9/11