While Demos & Rinos Work to Destroy America & Persecute Patriots, Stephen K. Bannon is Working to Save America – #Decertify2020 – 10/25/2021

My message to Stephen K. Bannon on Rumble: STEPHEN K. BANNON, you must run for POTUS. Fully support you, your work and War Room. I fully SUPPORT AND LOVE President Trump and his HARD WORK FOR AMERICA. TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY SHOULD RECEIVE A MILITARY MENTION FOR THEIR SACRIFICE AND HORRORS THEY HAD TO LIVE FOR US AND AMERICA. Note: Trump had a ground game full of us patriots who worked our fingers to the bone to promote his plan for America and expose Hillary and the deep state. I knew about frazeldrip and adrenochrome when everyone was sharing memes. WE WERE sharing everything and those who were awake understood. WE prayed, knocked doors, made phone calls, we went to Trump Towers and worked with Team Trump on their computers and made calls. Called the Amish, made calls all across America. WE SHARED Trump’s message at Rallies up and down the east coast: NY State, NJ, NC. Trump is a loyal patriot sent by GOD. It is an honor to hear Bannon’s message and his use of military background, Trump experience and War Room. God Bless you and your work. How do we work for you? #LoveTrumpTweets #TrumpWON #AmericaFirst #WarRoomPandemic #Gates 


History will judge us as to what we did to save this country.  Continue to fight, pray, support, get involved.  The media and social media are against America.  Boycott any media that hates our movement. We are not doing evil, we are trying to save this land that was given to us and we are using everything under the sun to expose the rats and stop them dead on their tracks.  

Democrats are working to hand America over to Chinese Communist Party and to make slaves of our children and grand children. They are printing money that your kids will have to pay back.  By 2031 we will be at 41 Trillion Dollars in debt. Cannot be paid back??? We will be slaves for the rest of our natural life.  

They stole the election of 2020 from someone as tough as President Trump and the incredible MAGA movement. As Bannon says:  if they can steal that, they can steal anything.  They are doing the vaccine mandates and know that they can get away with it.  Only in Arizona they know that they will be held to account.  We must hold them accountable for their theft of our votes.  

“If we don’t get to the bottom of 3 November for our Forefathers, for what this country really stands for, we stand for nothing.” Bannon

42% of independent voters in America think that Biden is illegitimate.  If we don’t get to the bottom of 3 November, 10-15% of voters will not show up, not even for Trump! Bannon

Bannon says that we have a coalition that can run America for the next 100 years.  Lincoln was a nationalist, the nationalist.  He had a vision of what this country was going to be.  The New Jerusalem.  

Ask yourself on your watch:  By history we will be JUDGED.  Did you do your duty, did you stand your ground and did you fight to Make America Great Again!  Stephen K. Bannon





  1. Lincoln was not a Nationalist, he was a tyrant of the highest order as well as a war criminal for how he waged an illegal war against fellow Americans.

    1. Hidden in the history you’ll find the evidence, especially the history to have censored from the public for almost 100 years.

  2. Abbeville Institute has a plethora of reliable research and information. Lew Rockwell is another excellent source of research. Even a simple search on “Lincoln and Tyranny” will produce a ton of research on this topic. All you have to do is carefully search for it, like I did over the past 40 years.

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