Democrats and RINOS Are Destroying America – Who is Being Silenced ☠️ Right now in Biden’s Marxist America? – 11/20/2021

The time bomb is ticking!

There is nowhere else to defect!!!

Just saw that 51 FBI agents have died since (READ ARTICLE HERE) Biden STOLE TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY AND INSERTED HIMSELF AS A DICTATOR, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGITIMATE.  Who is being killed off, the decent, law abiding American patriot in intelligence, military, medicine, etc.? under Biden.  What will become of America if we don’t KICK BIDEN OUT OF HIS DICTATORSHIP FAKE White House?  HOW DID these FBI agents die? America needs to know!



How is Biden allowed to remain in office? He is illegitimate.  How is Biden allowed to flood America with illegal criminal aliens? It is a known fact that all countries are emptying their prisons and are being sent to America? Where the hell is our Military? Under General Milley America is in trouble!iB


Why is the New Jersey State Police allowing illegal young males to be brought to New Jersey and allowed to stop at a NJ Turnpike Rest Stop in the middle of the night? Are these young men? Army age? What is Biden doing against us?