Words of truth, wisdom and future proving past from Our Fearless Leader, President Donald J. Trump!


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Read the full article by Jackson Richman with the Washington Examiner here

Read the full article by A.B. Stoddard with Real Clear Politics here.

Some advice you might want to think about:

  • Don’t vote early, they take your vote and change it

  • Vote in person only and make sure to have the right date, they are changing that also by location

  • Think about getting involved in your precinct

  • Follow the site:  Real Americas Voice on the web and the app.  Follow them:  One Important one to learn from and take action is:

    • Bannons War Room Pandemic

  • Follow Right Side Broadcasting on Rumble:

  • Follow Mike Lindell the Pillow Guy who is working hard to have the 2020 election overturned for it was a cyber attack from China. China wants Biden for their full takeover of America:


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