The Communist Left has Infiltrated Our Government and Is Working to Disassemble The United States of America – 10/15/2021

Biden, who never won the 2020 election, who is illegitimate, is busy working with the left new world order/CCP to disassemble our Republic and enslave the American people.  


Donald J Trump 10/13/2021

DONALD J TRUMP, 10/14/2021

President Donald J. Trump on Telegram:

ICYMI: “Biden down to 36%, ‘sinking like the Titanic'”

Read the full article by Paul Bedard with the Washington Examiner here.



MESSAGE FROM:  Marjorie Taylor Greene:

I am extremely disappointed that a judge does not see that the plaintiffs of this case have been injured.

Skyrocketing Inflation, illegal invasion at the border, Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, the threat of trillions in socialist spending, & election fraud is definitely injury.



We must act like we are in charge of America! Stand up America! Let nothing stop you.  Strong males are needed, we love you.  Strong women are needed, we love you too.  Everything that made America work STILL WORKS.  Don’t allow someone to make you wear a mask or take the jab.  Make decisions and stand strong.  The democrats are bullies with an attitude who don’t care what happens to you or your family. We have to teach them “NO MORE” with our attitudes and our strength.  Speak up.  Let nothing stop you from your appointed route.  

I was at the Apple tech desk this week, I had an appointment.  They had a woman WORKING there who when she saw me, her head exploded.  She raced towards me and said:  “PUT ON A MASK”!!!  I said I can’t wear a mask due to health reasons.  Well, you need to wait outside.  So I went outside with my husband, another woman, a nasty one from APPLE TECH DESK came to meet us outside and said, you need to just put your mask on and then we will serve you! I said no, is this you requesting this or Apple?  She said, it’s corporate, I said NO! She said:  Sorry, we can’t help you. I said I will not submit! I walked away.  I am now going to seek legal advice. WE WILL NOT SUBMIT.  STAND STRONG! WE DON’T NEED THE LEFT, we do all the work, we create most of everything.  The only thing the left creates is hate, division, communism.  Hell no! I say No MORE!

The communist left will try to get in as much as possible during Biden’s REGIME. They want full control.  We will RESIST THEM AT ALL COST. Whatever they institute now will NEVER BE taken down again. This is how the vile left works, social programs that will last forever and that enslave tax paying, hard-working Americans.  Fight like there is no tomorrow because if they win, America is dead. God Bless You and Pray! Eat well, sleep and repeat!