Military Coup By General Mark Milley Who Met with CCP Communists Behind President Trump’s Back – 9/14/2021

I do NOT endorse Bob Woodward for he waited months before he came clean about Milley’s Treason just to have a book out.  Continuing:  Bob Woodward wrote a book:  Peril. In this book Woodward states that General Milley told China in a secret conversation that He WOULD NOTIFY THEM AND GIVE THEM ADVANCED WARNING IF TRUMP WAS GOING TO ATTACK.  Who needs enemies with a Traitor like General Milley.  Fire him. He is a traitor.  He worked actively to undermine President Trump.
President Trump was excellent in foreign relations and never intended to start a war.  Milley ignored the Constitution. He called an enemy of the United States to advice them against America. This General violated his oath to the Constitution.  He colluded with a foreign enemy as vile as China.  This traitor aided and comforted an enemy of the United States.  He and his affiliates in the Democrat party decided that Trump was unworthy of the office for which he was legally voted to assume.  If Milley decides tomorrow that another enemy needs to be warned of America’s plan to protect itself what will he do? He is compromised, a traitor and a hater of President Trump.  Who does he think he is?  He is not elected to any office.  Milley is a Military General and look at what he did in Afghanistan!
Treason against The United States and President Trump
While Milley betrays his post, his former president and America, thousands of Afghans who are not vetted in any shape or form are now in America.  

DEMOS IN DC are dirty and they are traitors.  America is being invaded through the southern border by Lord knows who and now, illegals from Afghanistan are given priority over U.S. Citizens and flown to America. These people could be anybody and we will never know.  Afghani translators have helped the U.S. through this 20 year war. But everyone on those planes coming to America are not translators. Those in Afghanistan with money got on the plane first. Who did we bring to America? The Taliban heads themselves? Thank you Biden. EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH TURNS TO ______!

PRESIDENT TRUMP never wanted to be a war president. Trump has been fighting the deep state from day one.  Milley proved how sick these lefties truly are and how far they will go to control Trump, the America People and our freedoms.  Truly corrupt and terrifying.
Milley:  An active member of the military leadership, joint chiefs, talking to the head of a foreign enemy saying he would give them a heads up. He directly subverted the President of the United States.  Loosely quoted from Jason Miller.

America, keep praying. Only GOD can get us out of this mess.