CORRECTION FACILITY Holding Jan 6 Political Prisoners Lock Out Reps: Gaetz, Gosar, Gohmert

Thursday, July 29 2021: Representatives Gaetz, Gosar, Gohmert, and MTG visit corrections facility where Jan 6th political prisoners are being held after reports of inhumane treatment. The reps. will then follow the visit with a presser in D.C. at 1 P.M. EST.

Illegal aliens are treated better and have more rights than U.S. Citizens.  The supervisor of the correctional facility  accused members of Congress of trespassing and obstructing the facility.  Members of Judicial and Oversight in our Congress have oversight over Federal Prisons.  If these members of Congress with “TOP SECRET” clearance cannot get into the prison to see how these ILLEGALLY INCARCERATED U.S. CITIZENS ARE TREATED, AMERICA IS DOOMED. Under Biden, there is no law protecting U.S. Citizens.  This is a crime and a violation of U.S. Laws.