Happy 245th Independence Day America! – We Will Fight For You All The Way! GOD BLESS America!

As I sit here with my family watching the Independence Day fireworks on National TV, I can see the fireworks outside my window and I am prayerfully moved with Love, Hope and Fire in my Heart for this beautiful Country, America.  

Thank you U.S. Military men and women! You who offered your lives to protect us all in America and throughout the world.  GOD Bless America, GOD Bless Our Military and GOD Bless each one of us in America.  America is worth fighting for, we Owe You Beloved America!  We will fight for you and liberate you from the clutches of Communism, Marxism, Nazism and those in the CCP who are working to destroy our liberties.  Remember the motto we follow:  Live Free or Die!

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Episode 1,070 – Independence Day Special: The Combat History of America’s Declaration Pt. 2 (w/ Patrick K. O’Donnell, Joe Kent, Cpt. Maureen Bannon)Bannon’s War Room