CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN CHINA – DEMS Profiting, Organ Harvesting, Murder and Media Ignores It ALL! – 6/22/2021

Hundreds of thousands are being dissected while living, harvested for their organs at the hands of the CCP, while American politicians and Hollywood pedophiles profit from mass murder!

Mitchell Gerber is an investigative journalist working just miles away from the Chinese border, risking it all to expose the truth. Gerber has been the subject of assassination attempts and kidnapping, has met with top dignitaries, and has been begging the so-called ‘media’ in America to DO THEIR JOBS, with no success.

Stalin and Hitler look like small town daycare workers compared to what’s happening on the world stage, but nobody has been brave enough to bring it all to the forefront…until now.

Find more information, how you can help and be a part of saving humanity by visiting:

This entire subject horrifies me and it should horrify you too.  WE cannot support anyone or anything that is hurting another human being.  Please click on the and watch the videos. Please share it so that we could help these poor people who are being terrorized and killed for their organs.  Any company or politician who support the Chinese Communist Party are part of this crime and have committed crimes against humanity.