Watch Your Six Patriots – 6/16/2021

The Federal Government is using their power against the citizens they want to control

China Joe and his cohorts are using our own government to destroy America First Conservatives. Biden is allowing his DOJ to target Americans. This will not end well.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, is allowing the entry of UNVETTED illegal foreign nationals into America’s cities. We don’t even know who they are! But now, Mayorkas is going after U.S. Citizens and calling them “Domestic Terrorists”. Who will protect us from these people??? Until this situation is rectified, my advice to you all is don’t advertise where you will be, don’t get in trouble, you could be set up, and watch where you go. t Remember, POTUS Trump and America need all of us. If you care for your safety, delete the Facebook app, Facebook messenger and anything Twitter. Instagram is Facebook.

When they can’t control you, they call you alt-right or extremists. This is to silence you and frighten you. They need the whole country vibrating with fear so that their entities can win. Don’t do it. Pray, leave those social media sites and be safe. Don’t advertise when, where, what, who to anyone you don’t trust. They are all setting us up. There are infiltrators everywhere, be alert. God bless all Patriots in America and around the World. God Bless America. POTUS, we need you back SIR Mr President!

We must pray for America, our real President and our Military. They are in the midst of making huge decisions. We must trust in GOD and move forward.

Advice from General McInerney on an upcoming False Flag

General McInerney is telling us that a False Flag Event will take place to be blamed on Trump supporters. Listen to Tucker Carlson as he tells us that “Law Enforcement Officers Participated in Jan 6”