In America WE Will Not Stand By And Watch – We Denounce Hate Against Jewish People – 5/29/2021

In utter shock I researched articles in Word Press regarding Rudy Giuliani who is fighting for the Jewish People in America.  During my research I found DEEP hate from the left against Giuliani, name calling President Trump and his administration.  IT WAS DIARRHEA of the mouth. Full on hateful words, shocking.  I don’t agree with the left, but I would never advocate for violence against them.  This is truly disgusting.

In America, WE STAND AGAINST those who abuse, rape and kill children for adrenochrome, who commit treason, sedition or murder/genocide.  WE also advocate for the arrest and trial of those attacking the Jews in America.  We will not be like the Germans in WWII who were brainwashed by the Joseph Goebbels media about the Jews.

In America, the Goebbels machine is CNN, MSNBC and all those who lie to the America people 24-7, the mockingbird media. Working diligently to brainwash the gullible and those who are willing to follow them.

WE will NOT ALLOW the evil of Nazism in America.  WE KNOW WHERE ALL THIS LEADS.  Heads up haters, Not on U.S. Soil!!!  Working to divide us by race, color, creed, origin.  WE know WHAT YOU ARE DOING and WE ARE Awake!  Not HERE!