MORE INTEL DROPS – 5/27/2021

  1. News from Cirsten W.
  2. Dr Fauci is missing. His wife purchased homes in UK, Panama, Argentina. He’s been missing since February. His apartment in DC is empty. Where is Fauci.
  3. Hillary Clinton was tried in military tribunal. She’s been dead 8 months ago.  The cabal is bringing information from the past forward. Future proves past. She is tied to the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia.
  4. Uma Mahmood Abedin and John Podesta were arrested on Easter 2020.  Uma Abedin Robby Mook are connected to the murder of Seth Rich.
  5. John Brennan stole $700 million, owns TAC.  He obtained his job at CIA Director by blackmailing Obama with his birth certificate. John Brennan has been sitting in Jail since last year.  Brennan is in military tribunals at GITMO.  Former director was sentenced to Murder and Treason.   David Anderson, Esq. represented him.  He faced rear admiral Crandall .  Brennan is charged with multiple murder during Obama’s regime.  He authorized the murder of Andrew Breitbart. Brennan signed off on the murder with a comment saying he, Breitbart was a threat to national to security and a domestic terrorist by the Patriot Act.  James Gaeffer murdered 5 law abiding citizens under Brennan’s control.  James Gaeffer killed people on Obama’s enemies list.  He used the heart attack gun to kill people which is old ICE poison bullet and now he also used high Microwave energy on Breitbart, causing an immediate myocardial infarction.  [Rear Admiral asked the witness Gaeffer, and you were told to do this by John Brennan?  I was, he told me that straight off that Breitbart was criminally culpable for exposing Anthony Weiner’s sexting texts with an underage girl, for questioning Obama’s nationality, for helping to expose Michelle Obama as being a man, Michael Von Robinson, and I was told to remove him with extreme prejudice.  Did you kill other people at Brennan’s request?  I was told to kill Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone Magazine because he was working on an article on Brennan…………………..[hear video].  So you killed Michael Hastings at Brenna’s request, I did.  I killed other’s at his bidding.  I know other agency personnel who killed good people at Brennan’s request.  ………..I am too guilty……………


  1. Two generals for the Army and the National Guard were going to move forward for the Pentagon.  They said they stand by the Constitution and with “Duly elected Joe Biden.”  Biden is not duly elected. They were sent to GITMO for military tribunal for sedition and treason against the Republic of the U.S.
  2. The jab:  being forced on children.
  3. The Dumbs in US (cleaning
  4. Evergiven – every container has been searched – They searched 29 other ships.  Weapons of mass destruction were fund on the ship and other ships behind it. They were planning to start WWIII, Armagedon. They found other weapons to kill all mammalians and birds.
  5. Every Maersk and Evergreen ship line is  being searched for human trafficking and weapons.
  6. Brennan is supposed to be hanged JUNE 7 for Treason, Sedition and Podesta will be going before a firing squad.
  7. The “house of orange” in the Netherlands, is the top of the cabal. The Family Orange are the direct go to for Lucifer on earth to rule the earth.  The Netherlands is reclaimed from the sea. The whole country is a dumb (military tunnels) filled with entrances into those areas. Worst of it is The Hague.
  8. We are in the same position as before the civil war. Trump is POTUS for the Republic.  Biden is president for the Cabal.
  9. Bill Gates ranch in Wyoming was raided. They couldn’t find children but they found a bed with video cameras and a dungeon underneath.  There was a camera with SIMM cards and will surely expose Bill Gates’ going on.
  10. Fauci has been creating diseases for 40 years. He has disappeared.

Please listen to the video, every minute of it.  It will give you a picture of why all this cleaning up of the cabal is taking so much time.  We are almost there. Don’t give up.

John Brennan – May 24

James Comey—May 31

Huma Abedin—June 7

William Jefferson Clinton—June 14

John Boehner—June 17

Actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson—June 21