The Greatest Cover Up In History by Bishop Larry Gaiters – 4/20/2021

Bishop Larry Gaiters, a contract killer AS HE SAYS for the Lord Jesus Christ, with his true and incredible mind, exposes what happened to Kobe Bryant and why.  Please hear this and you will be shocked.  He is anointed for a time such as this to expose the Luciferian system.

Be shocked!  We will expose BLM and the death of George Floyd.

Comment:  If you align with Trump now days you are Racist. If you don’t support BLM you are Racist.  If you support all lives matter, may the Almighty help you.


  1. BLM is a terrorist organization
  2. BLM is the propaganda arm of ANTIFA
  3. ANTIFA is the military arm of BLM
  4. Death of Kobe Bryant – WAS AN assassination

Please play the video, it is full of information regarding the illuminati luciferians (a/k/a the Khazarian Mafia) not Jewish. These people look at us like we are cattle.  This is how they think about us. They think they can do whatever they want to us. They forget that we are awake now. We know who and what they are.