FELLOW U.S. CITIZENS, we HAVE BEEN DENIED OUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. WE have been denied the right to work, to go to church, OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS are being trampled upon and now the demonic left is going after our Second Amendment.  Yet, here we have Maxine Waters telling people to be “MORE CONFRONTATIONAL”.  You see, if we did that, we’d be in prison.  Clearly there are two sets of rules, one for the CORRUPT ELITE and one FOR TRADITIONAL, AMERICA LOVING, GOD-FEARING, U.S. CITIZENS.  THIS CANNOT GO ON.

The Minnesota National Guard was fired at in a drive by shooting in north Minneapolis early Sunday morning — just hours after Rep. Maxine Waters told the Black Lives Matter extremists to be “more confrontational.”



FROM DAILYmail.com:

Maxine Waters tells Minnesota BLM protesters ‘to get more confrontational’ one day after violent anti-police clashes erupted across US

  • California Representative Maxine Waters appeared on the Brooklyn Center protest on Saturday 
  • ‘We gotta stay on the street,’ Waters said, encouraging protesters to ignore the night’s curfew
  • She also talked about previous botched attempts at police reform and how she wants to see Derek Chauvin receive a guilty verdict in his trial, which is set for closing arguments on Monday 
  • Earlier on Saturday, protesters marched to the house of Pete Orput, the man responsible for the second-degree manslaughter charges being faced by former police officer Kimberly Potter
  • There were clashes between protesters and police on Friday night, with cops deploying pepper spray
  • Protests have been more peaceful so far on Saturday night at the Brooklyn Center police station
  • Protests are also taking place in other cities across the nation, including Washington D.C. 


Two members of the guard had minor injuries. One of them was taken to the hospital with cuts from shattered glass.