Biden Violates CDC Guidelines IMPOSED UPON U.S. CITIZENS – BUT NOT for Illegals, not testing or vaccinating them – While America is still PARTIALLY CLOSED – 4/17/2021

REP Steve Scalise on Travel to Mexico and U.S. Citizens.

Don’t Miss Ann Corcoran videos at the bottom of this post. Ms. Corcoran is a blogger, farmer, Master degree and expert on “refugee resettlement” plans by the deep state U.N.

CDC WARNINGS to U.S. Citizens who TRAVEL TO MEXICO, but ILLEGAL ALIENS COMING INTO AMERICA are allowed to break CDC Rules and come into America illegally, untested, unchecked, unvaccinated, unregulated, held in close quarters with hundreds of others, and sent all around the country sick?  Why? Who is protecting us from them? Why are the rules just for U.S. Citizens? We are citizens of this country, OUR country.

Illegals get on buses, on U.S. flights without ID, without being tested, vaccinated!!! BIDEN is violating the very CDC Guidelines that shut down U.S. restaurants, businesses.

(Click Here for more details from CDC).

Video from 2015:  THE U.N. DECIDES WHO TO PUSH TO AMERICA and Overrides our Sovereignty. POTUS Trump stopped it, Biden has it full speed ahead.  It does not matter where refugees come from. What matters is that they are not made to swear allegiance to our Flag or our way of life. This is organized genocide by a foreign faction working to destroy America and dissolve its laws and sovereignty.  We will become refugees in our own land.

Here is her latest video during the Trump Administration in October 23, 2018. She is full of numbers and information FOR PERMANENT REFORM.

WE NEED TO UNITE. We need to meet and talk about who is running our country. Why are we held up to all U.S. Laws and illegals are not! If we don’t follow the letter of the law, we lose our jobs, our house, our health, our freedoms, our lives. What the hell is going on Here?