SECRET SPACE INFO DISCLOSURE – Michael Jaco – 3/31/2021

The deep state hid all the truth from us as human beings.  Soon, you will know who you are as a human with a touch of star child.  Don’t laugh.  I am going through a process and things are happening. Have you felt it?  Do you know about the Ascension? I will write about it later.  But, first listen to this video.  We were lied to about who we are, our powers and our abilities.  God created us as majestic beings, but the devil worshippers have tied us up in their own matrix and cut us off the GOD frequency.  They have added garbage to our water, our food, our air to dull our third eye and our GOD given senses.  GOD is always number one. But soon, all the hidden truths will be told to us.  Like the MedBed? Did you know that a bed exists that you lay on, if you have no leg, or lost an arm and it can be regrown? it can heal any disease. POTUS Trump knows about it.  Now, it’s a matter of time before we can get it.  As we speak, they lied about how far we’ve come in space travel.  How there are other beings connected to us and working with us.  Listen to this video and take notes.  God Bless!