Make Sure to Vet Your Own News – Gather Best Information and Vet It – 3/8/2021

As we gather with our families for dinner this evening, the deep state dems/rinos are allowing thousands of children through our southern border.  The Luciferian Illuminati Pedos need more children for trafficking, sexual abuse, ultimately to use them until they die from the terrors of physical sexual abuse and then drain their blood for adrenochrome. Why do u think President Trump built the wall? Why do you think the deep state used the U.S. media to accomplish all their evil goals against America.  We saw this happen another time, it was WWII.  The nazis used this method with their media for propaganda against our Jewish brothers and sisters.  They demonized them to such a level that they were spat on the streets of Germany until they were physically abused, attacked, raped and killed.  This method of demonizing is being used against Trump followers who are military, police, intelligence, mothers, fathers, priests, teachers, etc.  If you support Trump you are demonized, your life is threatened, you lose your job or worse, you are physically attacked and killed.  So, if one of us is killed, according to their plans, they are better off, right?

Here are a couple of sources I follow:  listen to them.  This first one is an military and ex-intelligence true patriot.  Listen to this video and take notes.  I do, and when I am done, I cannot believe what I actually wrote.  The deep state has lied to us about everything.  Everything we were taught is wrong! Follow me, and let’s discover it all together.  God Bless you!

There are many in government who are not who they seem to be. I am sure you know.  Many in the deep state have body doubles and we will never know if they were actually arrested for treason.

Biden sued by 12 states over climate executive order: ‘Enormous expansion of federal regulatory power’

Lawsuit argues that Biden does not have the authority to set a ‘social cost’ for greenhouse gases

EXCLUSIVE – A coalition of 12 states is suing President Biden’s administration over a climate executive order that they claim has the potential to have a serious economic impact across the country through the expansion of federal regulatory power.

The suit, which is being led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, was filed on Monday. State attorneys general from Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah also joined the action.  ———————–More Here ———————————————–


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