Want to Know who we are fighting in this world? Under the Ground? – 2/15/2021

The main reason for President Trump’s Space Force is to protect America from enemy countries, enemies in intelligencia, their killer satellites and from those who live under the ground called Reptilians and Greys who are also in outer space. I am not nuts. Keep praying hard and stand close to Jesus.  We are not alone and we are fighting those who claim to be human and are not.  Do you ever wonder who is in our government turning us against each other? Why they are so dead set on killing the unborn human? God’s beautiful creation made in the God’s image?  Why is the left Using psychological powers (psy ops) to make us think one thing, when we all know something else is happening?  I am not nuts, I am one of those who have seen things and heard things that cannot be explained but they happened, are happening and are real.

Stay close to GOD, Family, Country and Friends, vetted friends. If you have 1, or 2, or 3 close, trusted friends, you are blessed. Pray and READ the BIBLE for GOD is real and GOD is in control. He loves us all.  God has given us His Holy Spirit.  If something feels wrong, it’s because it is.  Don’t do it. Pray. Be at peace.  You are made in HIS Image.