Full Frontal Unconstitutional Attack of The Pro-America MAGA Movement – Impeachment by Deep State Traitors – 2/10/2021

The bitter LEFT TRAITORS, in  your face traitors who sold America out to the Chinese Communist party, are holding an illegal, an unconstitutional “SECOND”  Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, for protecting and saving America.

These traitors have no case, not founded in law, they are unAmerican.  They fully hate POTUS Trump, the first President of the United States to stand for America and the American people since Lincoln and Reagan.  They have tried to off POTUS Trump and Melania many, many times.  Since they didn’t succeed, they are now holding another impeachment.

May GOD bind these demons in Jesus’ Name, Amen!


The unconstitutional Biden regime (who never won the election in 2020) is a conglomeration of all those who are part of the Clinton-Obama, CIA, FBI, DOJ deep state machine. It is the continuation of Obama-Clinton’s 16-year plan to destroy, shut up, shut down America and its citizens.  These traitors are using a fifth-generation psychological-type warfare against America (in 5th Gen warfare, we can’t see who the enemy is) type of warfare. Biden is controlled by our enemy through his son Hunter who has committed crimes against humanity with  children.  America, our agencies have been infiltrated by our enemies. The CIA uses the FBI as a cleanup tool for their crimes.  Remember WACO, Ruby Ridge?

The CIA used to be the OSS and now works with NASA on the chemtrails (source: CirstenW AND Jeffrey Prather). When OSS was disbanded, it became the CIA.  The Good guys are only the Special Operation Forces.  The CIA was corrupt since its inception:  Gun running, human Trafficking, drug trafficking, they own alphabet who owns google. The nazis moved from Germany to the CIA.  Gina Haspel is now under witness protection and is talking. The CIA uses face masks to create doubles of important people to pass facial recognition scanners.   Please watch the movie “shadowgate”.  The shadownet is internet interference. I WILL POST THE MOVIE HERE AGAIN.

The Color Revolution funds the Democratic Party:  Act Blue (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren). Here is the video explaining the “Color Revolution” BEING MADE ON AMERICA.  LEARN THIS and you won’t be surprised or SCARED when you realize who is doing this.

If you go to Antifa.com, it takes you to the Biden Regime. The deep state has never been exposed as they have by PRESIDENT Trump.

Remember this:  Citizen journalists We ALL ARE important to save America. 


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