Want to Know the Truth about What Happened November 2020? – 2/8/2021

Those of us who from day one have supported God, Family, Country, President Trump have been demonized, blocked, disappeared, demonetized, lied about, mistreated, threatened, etc.  What has happened to Mike Lindell is what they do to our lives:  “Criminal” AND it is a crime against humanity.

I vet my news sources carefully.  This is CirstenW (Kirsten) who has all the goods.

I have long said that the nazis never ended,  they just moved to the CIA/fbi AND NASA.  Now, today, I hear this from another trustworthy source, that my fears are WELL founded.  LISTEN to CirstenW carefully and follow her. Any comments on her youtube site have to be carefully written so as to not wake up the  deep-state ALGORITHM MONSTER and take her down.

Here is Mike Lindell explaining what happened during the 2020 elections.  Mike Lindell

Absolute Proof  (Click Here to View Video)

HUGE! Top Democrat Elections Attorney Marc Elias Agrees With Republicans that Voting Machines Are Unreliable and Invalid

It was an inside job by those Selected in office.


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