LEVIN: How Demos Institutionalized Fraud to Win At All Cost – A Constitutional Crisis – 1/17/2021

Pastor C. Darrell Scott says: We have to resist the left, the darkness and evil coming from them. We must unite and fight back for the ideals that this nation was founded upon. We have to ask GOD to protect us from evil works. We can’t allow these people to trample over our civil rights.  We must not allow them to divide us.  WE cannot allow the MEDIA to infiltrate our minds and poison our spirits. Pastor Scott has a program on:  AmericasVoice.News. Look for it.  Also, you can Find “War Room Pandemic” in that app or on the web.

The 12th Amendment says that Congress shall count the votes.

Congress counted votes which they knew were illegally obtained.  Think about that for a minute!

Democrats illegally committed ballot fraud (fake ballots, dead votes, changed the dates on the votes; digital fraud with dominion system; the violated the law and Constitution by changing voting procedures. They lied about it all in order to fake win.  They committed treason.


Last weekend was revolutionary in more ways than one.  We are being bombarded by information and misinformation used to divide us, keep us in fear, make us sick, like wearing a mask.

You have heard it somewhere in social media that the democrats stole President Trump’s votes and gave them to Biden via Hammer and Scorecard .  Here is THE PROOF:  LISTEN TO THE VIDEO AND READ THE WORDS BELOW.

Here is the recorded sworn confession from Italy by Professor Alfio D’Urso – Legal Counsel Counsel/Supreme Court of Italy


THESE Communists want nothing to do with us. They want to impose their will on We The People while they are VIOLATING OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.  They are working to Usher in a one-state communist government in America under CCP rule.
KEEP FIGHTING PATRIOTS, Legally, keep fighting! God Bless America!!!


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