The US Government Was Hacked this Weekend – 12/14/2020

The U.S. Government was hacked by either the Chinese or foreign country. The news media is LYING about it.

SOLARWINDS was hacked. Those hacking our government stopped short of hacking our election.

SolarWinds is part of the Dominion Voter System.  Tell me that this is not war. Most likely China.

Joe Biden is not wanted by any HONORABLE AMERICAN on U.S. Soil. Somehow low energy Biden was elected? Hell No! 

The coup d’etat is still ongoing. We are supposed to believe that the elections results?  Really?

There is evidence that there was voter fraud. The media is lying to help Biden take over America and help the Chinese Communist Party to take hold of America.  

Today is the day for the electoral college to vote for their candidate.  They meet in their own capitol and vote.

The election was hacked and the #FakeNewsMedia are complicit.

We must not tolerate this incredible crime spree. Our votes were stolen.

We will know by 2:00 pm what will happen. God save America!

Source: Ed Martin, WYNK


and following is a story from Gateway Pundit of what happened this weekend. 

BREAKING BIG: CISA Emergency Directive Calls on ALL Federal Civilian Agencies to Review Compromise and Disconnect or Power Down SolarWinds Orion Products Immediately



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