Want to HEAR latest Intel Being Exposed? – 11/28/2020

This is one of the sources I use to keep informed on what is happening and history behind it through an ex-intelligence officer. Tore is an amazing patriot!

Trust in what’s to come. There will be perp walks of well knowns. Not glitches, more like cheats. It’s about power. Will POTUS play the insurrection card? Go ahead, certify and see what happens. MS13 are the shock troops. Ours is a digital army that reaches around the world. MSM is now the biggest clown show ever. Trust POTUS and let him do it. Always remember that timing is everything. Passing through the dark and into the light. In the end, God always wins. 

Fri 27 Nov: Death Rattles – Big Names – Votes R Freedom – Intimidation Not – 3 Card Monty – Peacocking – Many Tentacles
Tore Says Show