Kamala Harris Illegally Providing Intelligence Briefings to Biden – This is Another Crime Since Biden is NOT CERTIFIED IN ANY STATE, NOT PRESIDENT-ELECT – 11/19/2020

We are not here to malign Democrats/Republicans:  we are here to expose the deep state’s criminality.  In my last post, I gave you evidence that the voting software used for the U.S. 2020 elections came from ONE of the worst TYRANNICAL REGIMES in the world:  HUGO CHAVEZ AND NICOLAS MADURO of Venezuela. That is how they maintained power over their people and how they turned a powerful, beautiful country, with beautiful people into a shit hole. Our votes were counted in Germany of all places by a software called SmartMatic. My mind wonders who in Germany is involved and memories of what WWII Germany did to FREEDOM. Is this even Legal?  This is how banana republics work and this will NOT BE AMERICA.  I assure you of that. I, along with millions of Patriots,  have been supporting President Trump with money donations to the campaign, time, traveling, door knocking, writing, campaigning since he announced back in 2015. We won’t allow the democrats with Soros and his minions to destroy our America.


Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently held a press conference on Monday, in which he said that although he’s not currently receiving any sort of intelligence briefings because, well, he’s not the actual president, it seems his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris is using her seat on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to obtain classified information and pass it on to him.

Biden, conducting his little speech in front of a blue background that featured a huge emblem saying, “Office of the President Elect,” said, “and uh, so, it would make it a lot easier if the President were to participate, you have a number of Republicans suggesting that…”

“The good here is that my colleague is still on the Intelligence Committee so she gets the intelligence briefings,” the former vice president continued, turning and flashing a smile in Harris’ direction. “I don’t anymore, so uh, um, uh, that uh, that is, but there’s a number of Republicans calling for that.

The former vice president’s remarks have caused folks to become concerned about the legal implications for Harris using her spot on the Senate intelligence committee to provide classified information to private citizens, which is what Biden seemed to imply she was doing.”

So Kamala Harris is illegally sneaking U.S. intelligence to Biden while Biden is connected to China, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba.  Biden is not certified in any state since the Trump legal team found out that the democrats were using software to cheat on the 2020 elections.  BIDEN IS NOT PRESIDENT-ELECT UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. There are various lawsuits filed by the Trump Campaign on behalf of President Trump and until those are settled, no one is President Elect here. 

Biden has become MORE OF A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT THAN BEFORE.  KAMALA HARRIS is aiding and abetting on this.

Biden has been asking for funding from donors to help him stop the Trump campaign from winning his legal battle with low funds.  

Do you want AN IN YOUR FACE CRIMINAL OF THIS SORT TO BE YOUR COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF? Biden is a thief and will continue selling America’s intellectual property to China.   Biden is illegitimate and he and Harris are now committing crimes to destroy our National Security.






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