America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense – Episode 87 – Dems Used Dictator’s Software – 11/19/2020

DEAR READER: Here is information that you need to have in order to understand how the deep state is working to take down our country, turn it communist and DELETE YOUR VOICE.

  • RUDY GIULIANI found out that many, if not all of our ballots are calculated outside of America by a company called Dominion (machines).

  • Dominion has a contract with company SmartMatic with locations in Frankfurt, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Votes are calculated in Germany and Spain. 

  • Those votes are inside machines that are extremely vulnerable to hacking.

  • SmartMatic’s origins began 2004-2005, founded by two Venezuelans close to Dictator Chavez, used TO FIX ELECTIONS.

  • SMARTMATICS WAS FOUNDED to keep Chavez in control in Venezuela.  This system was also used in Argentina.

  • In 2007, the elections in Chicago in which Sequoia was used to count the ballots in Chicago,  there was tremendous confusion and votes delayed.  No one knew where the voting machines came from.  When they did the investigation, it was found out that Sequoia, a front for SmartMatic, was used.

The way SmartMatic works is to change votes in a particular way.  They use an algorithm in which they spread the counts over the city. They give you a 2 or 3% advantage.

We are using a Venezuelan system, from a dictatorship, one of the worst dictatorships in the world, to calculate our votes. It is the core of the vote count with subtle changes in votes so they are not noticed.





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