DEMOCRAT TRAITORS with Jack Dorsey & Zuckerberg’s help & the Treasonous Media – They are stealing your Vote and Republic! 11/4/2020

DEMOCRATS ARE CHEATING ALL OVER AMERICA. They are cheating and denying us our vote.  VOTES ARE Appearing from nowhere as mail in ballots. They are adding them to the total.  These liberals are working with Media, Social Media and the entire left.  They manipulate our data, our votes, our lives,

  • THE MEDIA announced wins in states that were not fully counted

  • People were told to use sharpies and it voided those ballots and were denied their vote and voice in their own country.

FOX NEWS declared Biden winner of Hawaii when the vote count was 0.0% – it is all rigged.  Media, Social Media are in on it to take our country away from us

This is a rigged election, we all see it, Mark R. Levin sees it.

Social media sensors President Trump:


Social media’s Jack Dorsey of Twitter sensored our President Last night. America’s Commander-In-Chief was being censored on his reelection day.

Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump and others are in Pennsylvania fighting ballot crimes, disqualification of ballots.

Similar cheating is going on in Arizona, Nevada and in Michigan.  Mail in ballots, a cause for concern for all, it has legal protections, it has to be signed, postmarked, properly addressed.  President Trump is going to bring on several lawsuits and federal lawsuits.  Giuliani said they will fight for We the people.  President Trump was ahead 400,000 votes with 80%+ percent counted and IT IS NOT CALLED. GIULIANI SAID: HOW MANY VOTES DO REPUBLICANS HAVE TO BE AHEAD TO WIN A STATE?  DEMOCRATS DO THINK WE ARE STUPID.  THAT’S WHY WE ARE CALLED STUPID, CHUMS!  Pam Bondi was also in Philadelphia with Mayor Giuliani and Eric Trump and Lara Trump.  Pam Bondi said that democrats police barricaded the building 30 feet back and our poll watchers were not allowed in. They also had a man with a huge badge and they were pushed back and this is clear intimidation.  Ms. Bondi said that we have won Pennsylvania. And a building is coming out as evidence of what democrats have done.

Corey Lewandowski was also there in Philadelphia. He and AG Bondi will remain in PA until this is all solved.

Jeremy, our poll watcher, volunteered two days of his time to watch and was obstructed by democrats.  He was made to stand 100 feet away from the ballots.  There was no way to watch the process in a meaningful way.  125,000 were counted in violation of the law with no overseeing by poll watchers. Rudy said they should be discounted for they are not legal.

Following is a 5:00 pm update from Stephen K. Bannon of War Room Pandemic, November 4, the year of our Lord, 2020, to fight massive voter fraud by the democrats in the 2020 election.


Will follow up with more news later.