How is President Trump’s Wall Protecting You? – “Promises Made” – “Promises Kept” – 11/01/2020

This first video is from September 2020.  More miles have been built since then.  CBP and the U.S. Army Corps of engineers constructed 300+ miles of new border wall system.  It is now 400 +/-!!!

“Promises Made, Promises Kept”


People live near the old border wall, they shop and walk.

With the new wall system in place, agents can react to illegal activity before illegals disappear into our communities.

  • The wall protects our border patrol agents,

  • The wall helps to the border patrol maintain operational control near the border,

  • The wall protects a safe and secure border community that is more appealing for local businesses, schools and residents

  • The wall works!!!

Thank you President Trump for protecting America’s greatest treasure, Our PEOPLE! God Bless You President Trump~!


The border wall system protects our Border agents, slows down the vast majority of all crossovers, slows down and stops drug trafficking.