The Manchurian Candidate- Biden Lied to America for nearly A Half-Century – Media/Social Media Are Covering it All UP! 11/01/2020

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America is in deep trouble patriots.  The FBI’s Wray allowed the Biden crimes to go unpunished, to be hidden for one year.  They had the Hunter Biden hard drive, never revealed they had it. Nothing was done to expose the Biden crime.  The FBI had this hard drive in their possession while President Trump was being impeached and they remained silent.  Hmm….collusion, concealment, betrayal, treason?

We are being set up America, again. If Biden wins, we will lose EVERYTHING we gained with President Trump.  We will lose our Constitutional Rights, First and Second Amendments and all derivatives. We will be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party thanks to Biden and the  democrats.  The Press and Social media are  covering up all of Joe and Hunter Biden’s crimes.  They silence anyone who exposes Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.  They are colluding to maintain radio silence about something that the American people must know before the 2020 election, in order to make an informed decision.


Joe Biden is deeply compromised.  Please watch War Room Pandemic’s video. It is full of information. Too much for me to write out. You will hear former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani speak clearly about the Biden Crimes. Biden is not eligible to be President for these reasons.

  • Biden is not mentally or physically fit to  be President.
  • Biden is hiding and lying to get to the home stretch.
  • Biden sold us out to China. China is in everything AMERICA. Not the Chinese people, the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Intelligence.
  • Joe Biden is involved in two bribes in Ukraine and Rudy Giuliani speaks about it.  It is laundered payments related to Burisma.
  • The Southern District of NY is a criminal entity covering all the Bidens’ crimes.
  • 5 Days before the 2020 elections all these documents are uncovered about Joe Biden.
  • Stephen K. Bannon has all the receipts on the Biden crimes.
  • President Trump was impeached for bringing up Joe Biden’s crimes. Those involved in all these crimes used Trump’s impeachment to delay any investigations into the Bidens’ crimes with China and Ukraine.  Justice delayed is Justice denied.
  • One of the worst crimes here is that Hunter sexually hurt his own niece.  #ChildEndangerment
  • Rudy Giuliani stated that there is a crime of banking and securities fraud regarding the Bidens.

Censorship in America by media and social media help cover up for Joe Biden.  Count one: RICO, the business of crime in Ukraine:  Joe Biden was bribed by one of Burisma’s people (Oil and Gas).  Joe Biden had been taking illegal money with his brother for years.  The Biden family got between $14 +/- million dollars.



Count Two:  Joe Biden becomes point man for Iraq representing America and he fails.

The Democrats colluded with Russia:  the wife/widow of the mayor of Moscow makes a $3.5 million payment to Hunter Biden’s company. She is close to Putin. They are making money with their friend Putin and the phony press does not cover it.

Hunter’s Hard Drive shows that there are two other payments from the Widow of mayor of Moscow.

China:  Two deals: One when Biden was Vice President during Obama’s administration. He made millions with China. Joe Biden takes Air Force two, with our tax money, to Beijing to work to reduce tariffs to the U.S.  The hard drive tells us that Joe Biden failed at his task. Or did he?  Eight days later the family gets $1 billion dollars to a private equity fund.  Hunter Biden, Chris Hein, and the nephew of Whitey Bulger.

China much prefers to deal with Joe Biden rather than Hillary Clinton. They covered all this up. Did Obama know? Is it worthy of investigation? for fraud and bribery? We would be arrested for these crimes. The media helps them cover it up.

Espionage:  China: Joe Biden was squeezed by China with the many compromised photos of Hunter Biden.  There is a taped conversation of Hunter making a deal with a Chinese spy master.  The deal is $10 million a year paid to the Americans paid by CEFC a Chinese energy company and a front for Chinese intelligence company.  Continue listening to the tape above. The Biden’s history is twisted, criminal, disgusting, treason.

If you want to listen to Hunter Biden speak about his crimes, all you need to do is listen to Hunter Biden on his hard drive, he speaks his crimes. The Media, Social Media, Chris Wray of the FBI don’t want you to hear these truths and crimes. They hide them.

The left has “Trump derangement syndrome”  they are consumed by hate. Hate takes over their mind, conscience, their heart, it is the most insidious vice they, anyone can have.

Hunter Biden refers to Joe Biden as the “Big Guys”. Joe Biden who is trying to become President of the United States, is in business with three (3) Chinese Communists:

  1. An intelligence agent
  2. A major spy
  3. A chinese intelligence Agency

For 30 years Joe Biden was committing a crime.  You can stop it America:  VOTE

We have to stop the left radicals who want to change our country.  R. Giuliani

Hunter was collecting the money for the family, paying off the bills for the family, and then had to give half of the collected money to Joe Biden.  As Rudy says:  We have a RICO case.

5 Count RICO indictment:

  • Ukraine $14 million
  • Iraq  1/3 of $1.5 billion
  • Russia $4 billion ($200-600 million Dollar money laundering scheme).
  • China $1.5 billion that went into the Whitey Bulger private Equity fund.  They own Joe and Hunter.  Hunter West with (CEFC) $10 Million/year $1 Million up front in an agreement with Hunter Biden (shown below).

The BIG GUY was referenced throughout Hunter Biden’s hard drive. The BIG GUY is Joe Biden, who has been lying to you Democrats, Republicans, Independents, for 30 years.


Joe Biden has led a life of Crime. Biden is compromised and owned by China.
Following are three videos from the last several days. Watch these videos, they explain Joe Biden’s Crimes and Hunter’s admissions to crimes.  Joe Biden cannot be President. He is compromised and lies about his life of crime.


The Choice is yours America.  Vote for Truth, Honor, the American way. Or vote for Biden, take your chances on your future, family, children, liberties.

My money is on “Promises Made” and “Promises Kept”.  Click the title below:  a list of all of President Trump’s achievements are ALL THERE.  God Bless America and may God Bless President Trump.  Make the right choice America.  VOTE!!!

Promises Made,
Promises Kept!


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