Catholic: “Church Militant” Interviews Stephen K. Bannon of War Room Pandemic – 10/22/2020

Joe Biden sold access to the Obama White House.  He reported his annual salary in the $900,000’s, when he actually makes $16,000,000 +/-.
No one is questioning Biden about his or Hunter’s deals with China.  Chris Wray should be fired for not doing his job regarding Joe Biden being compromised with China.  President Trump’s impeachment would have never happened had Chris Wray brought all this information out about Biden.  President Trump was impeached because of Trump’s phone call about Corruption in the Ukraine and it is now proven that THERE IS CORRUPTION IN UKRAINE.  Trump’s call was justified.
Congress, the administration, everybody in the nation could have been working and focusing on the Pandemic that came from China  December of 2019.
President Trump wants a criminal  investigation done on all of this.  Chris Wray had the Biden information for a year, late November – December 2019.  The FBI still allowed the Fake Impeachment to take place while the American people suffered and China was infecting the world with the Wuhan, Chinese Virus.  Why ?  This is Criminal!