Radio King, Rush Limbaugh ANNOUNCES: President Trump will hold “Virtual Radio Rally” on Rushe’s Friday Program – 10/8/2020

Conservative talk radio king, Rush Limbaugh announced today, Thursday, October 8, 2020 that President Donald J. Trump will be holding a “virtual radio rally” on the Friday edition of his show, 10/9/2020.

Rush said:  “I’m thrilled to announce that our Commander-in-Chief, President Donald J. Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history,” Limbaugh said. “It will be special, and I am really looking forward to it.”

We all need to pray for Rush Limbaugh. Rush is going through treatment for lung cancer, diagnosed on February, the year of Our Lord 2020.

Search for Rushe’s show for your location.  I listen on iHeart Radio.  Make sure you listen to the live show.

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Remember:  Vote Trump 2020 and say no to the Democrat Paid MOBS!!!