DiBlasio and CUOMO TARGET Jews’/Christians’ RIGHT TO ATTEND RELIGIOUS SERVICES – 10/6/2020

If you go to Church, try to have a Jewish Wedding, you are a threat to public health – Tucker Carlson


WHEN did our rights END under the U.S. Constitution?  Who do DiBlasio/CUOMO think they are? 

Andrew Cuomo thinks he is GOD. He said:  “If the religious leaders do not agree to abide by these rules, then we will close the religious institutions. Period.” 

Really? this is “NOT” Nazi Germany!

If you are paying attention, DiBlasio and Cuomo are AGAINST CHRISTIANS and JEWS!! Both the Mayor and Governor are TEST RUNNING a new way of Governing under SOCIALISM.  We will not have it.  




  1. DiBlasio and Cuomo are targeting mostly law abiding God loving citizens with this new outrageous infraction of human rights. The right to worship. Isn’t that a freedom granted to us through our constitution? Aren’t they trampling on our rights? Have they targeted us because they know we aren’t left wing rioters, we don’t take to the streets pillaging, looting, setting fires to make our demands known. No, we are mainly peace loving citizens who abide the law. We rally for rather than protest against. But it’s time to rise up and make our voices heard. NO, do not riot, do not pillage, do not set fires, but stand up for your rights.

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