We Love You President Trump and Thank You for Being A Patriot – #maga #kag #wwg1wga – 11/4/2020

THIS VIDEO FROM Breitbart says it all!

The LOVE we do have for our President and First Lady is “Personal”. It’s deep and it is rooted in GOD, Family, Country and  Patriotism!!!

President Trump you have brought back Patriotism.  You have reignited that within us that was always there, LOVE OF COUNTRY!  We Thank GOD for You President Trump.  It is a true Love Fest you know!

All Trumps have sacrificed so much for us.  If the whole world knew what President Trump is cleaning up right now in America and all over the world, the entire world would be converts to Trumpism.  If they knew President’s Trump’s random acts of kindness over the decades, they would be shocked.  But Trump does not advertise his Corporal Works of Mercy. He follows GOD and his Word.

President Trump’s is loved all over the world and Truly in America.  But, the media and social media work really hard to block our message, in our own country. Media and Social Media are the most reviled in the world.  They allow hate, racism and division to flourish but block Patriotism, Love of God, Love of Country, Love for Babies and Children, Love for Families and our people, Love for President Trump and our Lovely First Lady Melania Trump.

We need to reunite and speak truth in America, God’s Truth, not transient meaningless lingo. Pray to GOD for guidance and vision, inspiration and for our President and First Lady Melania.  GOD Bless America, GOD Bless President Trump and all Trumps. GOD bless you Patriots out there. It’s an honor to meet you and see you all over America.  You are the hope for all who love Freedom! You are family!



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