Our Patriot God Send President Trump and Oh! His Dance Moves! 9/28/2020

I have been to so many Trump Rallies!!! It is a Love Fest. I see people of all colors, races, origins, U.S. citizens, immigrants, legal residents who love America and we are all joyful to be with each other. We love GOD Family and Country!  We Love Our President who has given up his Beautiful life to save America.  It is a joyful pace, a safe place. Love for GOD and American Values! Nothing ever racist.  We meet the same patriots from all over America. It is a joyful place, like someone turned on the light and you feel you are with family! Wish everyone could experience this feeling of total Love, Communion of soul, spirit and Love for this Beautiful Republic, God Blessed America!  God always Bless President Trump!