‘The Great American Combeback’ President Trump Campaign Event –

President Trump just left North Carolina where he delivered his message to all Americans called the “America First Healthcare Plan” vision for America. Trump also signed an Executive Order on the ‘America First Healthcare Plan’.  Copy here.

President Donald J. Trump Is Implementing His America First Healthcare Agenda – 9/24/2020 – The White House

ENSURING BETTER CARE: President Donald J. Trump is improving care for the American people, especially the most vulnerable.


Tonight President Trump will be speaking to his supporters in his home state in Jacksonville, Florida at a campaign event called the ‘Great American Comeback’! and his base is ready to hear what he has to say!!!

God bless America and all Patriots. God bless President Trump.  WE must fight for what is right, decent and honorable.  America First includes everybody for it places America and her citizens first before all the globalists.

God bless All Americans!

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