Social media calls the “Patriots’ Movement”  a far-right conspiracy theory.

I have seen America change before my eyes since the late 60s.  For decades, we all trusted Walter Cronkite on CBS News and his news reporting, sources.  We have carefully listened to every single word being told to us on the news since we were very young.  We didn’t know any better.  America was not aware that the CIA was indoctrinating us.  THE CIA PROGRAM is called “PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD”.

At that time, the CIA reviewed reporters’ materials and paid for material. Today, the media does not report the truth, does not try to unite with their words, they pit one against the other. The media uses keywords to evoke negative emotions and leave the opposing side seething with anger and hate AGAINST their neighbors.

Think of this:  waking up one morning and finding out that the person you supported IS selling America off to our enemies and will destroy your job, make you lose your house, destroy your children and Make America END!  Your job is to vet your news. I have from a very young age because of my grandfather’s warnings.



We didn’t know the real meaning of what President J. F. Kennedy said on his speech, speaking against “secret societies” that the speech would get him killed like an animal on a hunt in Africa by those same (illuminati) who wanted him to stop talking.  So the Illuminati Military Industrial Complex executed him.

America will NOT survive if we don’t wake up as Americans to TO DO EVERYTHING TO save this Republic.  If you are old enough to have reason and purpose, you need to inform yourself.  There is a cultural revolution in America teaching your children the RULES OF MARXISM IN their SCHOOLS. It is called:  “the 1619 Project”. “It is a way to spread false ideas” said The Federalist. 


The Lies of the 1619 Project

The New York Times “1619 Project” is being lauded by the media and many Democrats for what they believe is a long overdue discovery of the hidden truth of America — that it was founded on white racism and the enslavement of blacks, and that even today the belief in white racial supremacy is so endemic to America that it’s a part of our national DNA. The Project will likely be used to advance policies in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country that purport to remedy this alleged injustice. Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Cal.) has already called the Project a “master-piece.” But is it?

First, it’s hard to take its claims seriously when its creators and contributors are privileged blacks holding exalted positions in journalism, the media, and academia owned and controlled largely by whites. The Project’s creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, is a black reporter employed by the white-owned New York Times. She holds a 2017 fellowship with the MacArthur Foundation, which was founded and endowed by a white man, in which she received a $625,000 no-strings-attached grant. She’s doing pretty well as a black woman in what she claims is a white, racist America. And, ironically, even though she condemns white America for its alleged systematic discrimination against blacks, she demanded that whites be excluded from the Project.


The Bolsheviks TRYING TO TAKE OVER WANT TO BURN DOWN AMERICA AND DESTROY OUR REPUBLIC UNDER GOD, DESTROY OUR CONSTITUTION and FORGET ABOUT GOD AND HIS GOLDEN RULE.  They have forgotten about our laws and the Bill of Rights.  YOUR CHILDREN ARE PAWNS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST AMERICA.  Once they indoctrinate your children, they have an army to destroy the principles of our Forefathers.  Are you going to fight for America? This is your last chance!

My Austrian Grandfather gave our family a warning a long time ago, while I was very young. He told me about World War I and what he saw coming in Europe. He spoke of the horrors he lived during the war and how he escaped it.  He told us to beware of the Bolsheviks and their revolutionary plans.  I have been saying this for a long time:  these attacks on America’s cities and towns smell foreign. They don’t smell right. The total hate against our country is foreign. It is as if these people were not born here. It is an evil that has taken root in America and we need to ERADICATE it.

Our Children our Rules: If we don’t teach our children about GOD, about real American history they will never learn to love GOD or  America! It is our responsibility to protect their hearts, minds and souls.  You can’t fight for something you never learned to LOVE!

BUSTED: New York Times quietly deletes revisionist history from discredited ‘1619 Project’ after getting called out by Trump (Click here to read)

Trump: No Federal Funding For Schools That Adopt NYT Magazine Revisionist History ‘1619’ Project

The fight going on outside in the streets is not DEMOCRAT vs. REPUBLICAN. Our political parties have been infiltrated by various enemies now working together to take down our Republic.  Don’t believe me? Just turn on VETTED CONSERVATIVE NEWS.  The truth is there.

YPG/PKK recruited foreign fighters from Antifa groups in Western countries, report says (click here to read article)

GET INVOLVED, sign up to work the polls, contact the GOP.COM party and find ways to help.

Make sure you are registered to vote Here: and vote in person.  If in a blue state, request your absentee ballot for your state at

Here are the rules by state, so contact your election board to confirm. Find links at   

YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Contact your local GOP to ask questions.

Democrats know they are going to lose.  There are more democrats leaving the democrat plantation every single day.  Black people #Blexit, Latinos #Lexit, Jewish #Jexit, LGBTQ #Walkaway. Check those hashtags out and be shocked.

After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020

I have given you several sources to find out how to vote and to check your party association. Please review them and take action. America needs you patriots. Thank you.